Monday, February 23, 2009

Linear Systems Word Problems

Hello there, apparently today is my day to scribe, so I guess I'm going to tell you where to find the directions for the word problems unit.

1. Go to the start menu and click on my computer.
2. Click on the J: drive and go to the coursework folder.
3. Then click on the math folder and find our 0809 2nd semester 11 applied folder.
4. In this folder there should be a separate folder called word problems, click on it.

Inside of this folder there is directions for objectives 11-15.

To find objective 11, I would look at the examples in the Adobe folder called 'systems word problems 3', and the 'systems word problems intro' folder.

To find objective 12, I would most likely look in the folder called 'word problems motion and distance mixture.'

To find objective 13, I'd look in the folder called 'age systems word problems.'

For objective 14, I think i'd look in the 'word problems' coin ages folder.

And lastly, for objective 15, I would suggest you look in any of the folders with the word mixture in them, because that's what i'm doing.

I know these aren't the greatest directions as to what exactly your supposed to do, but everybody learns different, so maybe the best way is to find your own way to learn about word problems if these directions don't work for you. Hope this made your day better, Thanks for reading!!

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