Thursday, March 26, 2009

Accelerated Math and Box Project

Today in class, we worked on accelerated math and worked on our Box Project. The accelerated math was to be handed by 3:40 today and so was our Box Project. You needed 27 objectives done by 3:40.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Work Period

Today Mr. Maksymchuk let us continue working on our box volume projects. We also got to work on our accelerated math. Thursday at 3:40 is our extended deadline for 30 learning objectives. This is our last oppurtunity to get them done.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rectangle problem

Today Mr.Max showed us a rectangle that we had to find out the dimensions. We each have to find the answer by next Thursday. You can use the internet if needed or a real example.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Lovely Work Period.

Today in Mr. Max's Wonderland, aka math class, he had an important meeting today with the principal so we are working hard... or hardly working. Just kidding Mr. Max! Anyways, I don't exactly know what else to say. Thanks for reading, Bye!

P.S. 30 objectives for Thursday afternoon, Get going!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Work period

Today is a work period.... hence: no teaching. So... shhhhhhoooooooossshhhhhhhhhhhhh and WORK!
! <---- He has an idea!
0 <----?? he's thinkin real hard.

_/ \_

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Qaudratic Regression, Tuesday 17, 2009

Today we learn more on qaudratic functions. We used excell, our graphing calculators, and graphmatica to solve the problems. Around the seven minute mark on the recording he showed some calculator things. So far 30 objectives are still due on the last friday before spring break. Good Luck.

New Trick on Excel, March, 16/09

Today we did mental math and then Mr. Max wanted to show us a new way of solving problems on Microsoft Excel. We had a problem trying to solve how big a woman's garden could be given the size of her fence. Go to excel and type in the formula for length x width. After that put that number in another column (vertically or horazontally) and then highlight them with your mouse. There should be a black dot in the bottom right hand corner of your highlighted boxes, click and drag the length down as far as you would like, and do the same for the width. Then scroll down and find the biggest area number and that will give you the answer.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Quadratic Functions

Today we did mental math and then got a little booklet on quadratic functions. we have to do questions 1-8. you may usethe internet, graphmatica, and excel if you like. If you don't know what some of the words are you can use: The rest of the class was used to work on questions and accelerated math. Mr.maksymchuk canceled all the word problem exercises and printed out some new ones. We are expected to have thirty some objectives by spring break. That's all for this class.

Friday, March 6, 2009

finding the missile that was lost in the desert.

As usual on a Friday morning we did mental math. Then, Mr. Max read us a story and reminded us how we are very fortunate to be in a safe school. I personally thought that it was a good story.. We had questions yesterday on finding the missile that was lost in the desert, and they were due for homework today, so Mr.Max did the questions with us. Here they are:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Non-Linear Functions!

We started a new unit today.. called non linear functions. Mr.Max gave us some definitions first.

Function- relation that passes the vertical line test.

Parabola- look at the picture

He also showed us the Domain(infinite) Range( all positive numbers and zero) and the Intercepts.


Sorry for the late post.
On March 3rd we wrote our first test of the semester. It was on linear equations and word problems. After the test we worked on accelerated math and had time to catch up on objectives.
I assume that in the near future Mr. Max will be turning off the word problem objectives so get them done.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Test Review for Linear Systems of Equations

At the start of class our class did mental math. Today's mental math was number 14. We, as a class, were then explained the rules, regulations and privileges for the test on Tuesday, March 3rd. The rules, regulations and privileges for the test are as follows:
  • We will have the privilege to use Graphmatica but NOT the Internet.
  • The test will start at the beginning of class and will end exactly at 12:10, NO LATER.
  • If you are found using anything else on the laptops besides Graphmatica(ex. Internet, Blog, etc..) you will have an automatic fail and a possible expulsion from the course.
  • You will be allowed to bring an 8x11 piece of paper with whatever you want on it.
  • The classroom rules still apply as they would any other day.
  • There will be no cheating off of other students.
  • There will be NO mp3, iPOD, mp4 or other portable audio/visual information devices allowed at the test.
  • You may also use your graphing/scientific calculator if you wish.

Those are the rules, regulations and privileges for the test on Tuesday, March 3rd.

For the rest of the class, we were shown and explained the material for the test which is as follows: