Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lock down and Work period

Today, lock down was initiaded during second block. The few kids that came to class were all buzzing about the lock down so Mr.Maks thought it would be a good idea to discuss it. He told us that the lock down today was real. There was a potentially dangerous and armed man at the appartment buildings across from the school so the police made the decision to tell the school to go into lock down. The conclusion of the lock down went well; everyone was quiet and the situation was controlled.
There was only nine kids in class today because some were gone for the Skills competition and some were gone to take their drivers ed test, some were just absent. Because of the absentees our test was pushed back to wednesday. Yay! After we finished talking about the lock down we just had a work period to catch up on accelerated math and whatever else we were working on. Just a reminder there are 35 objectives do on April 23rd.

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